We provide the riff track. You provide the laugh track!

Check out our FREE sample riff of the 1940 classic, The Ape!

What is Cinemacide?

     Cinemacide is a riff-based comedy group. We sell our own comedic audio commentaries that you can play right along with your videos at home. Riffing is in our blood, and we love to make people laugh. We've been inspired by the greats, and hope to be the greatest. Buy a riff, sit back and laugh until it hurts!

How Does it Work?

     Selecting the "Shop" page of this website will take you to our MP3 and MP4 commentaries, and in the future, our other merchandise, as well. After you have purchased your selected riff, we will send you a personal email with the file attached. Save it to your hard drive, and select it to start the riff. Each and every track will begin with a greeting, and the easy to follow instructions you will need to get rolling.  The basic idea is this: after the introduction, we will instruct you to pause our audio track, and start your video for the film/show. During the instruction, we will give you an exact moment during the programs opening title sequence to restart our audio track. This will serve as the first sync point between the video and our track! Later, during the film/show, you will hear us speak a line of dialogue at the exact moment a character does. If they aren't perfectly synced up, then you'll simply need to pause the track that you heard first for the amount of time it was off. This is usually just a fraction of a second, and we offer several sync points early in each riff. Once you have the video and riff synced, they should stay that way without much more attention. Now you can sit back and enjoy the fun!