About Us

At Cinemacide, we have one main writer, Geary Culver, and a small, yet fantastic, group of contributors. We grew up riffing films, and enjoying the antics of Joel, Mike, and the gang on Mystery Science Theater 3000. We were fortunate enough to all work at the same place, at the same time, and we formed a bond over the concept of riffing. In August of 2011, the original founding members all gathered together after work to do our first improv riff. We watched an old, black and white western called The Terror of Tiny Town. Based upon our success riffing that film, we decided to start taking notes while we riffed. This eventually turned into our first "completed" script for the film White Zombie. As time went by, the writing process was refined, recording equipment was purchased, and a huge learning curve was traversed. We could have taken the easy road and started a Kickstarter campaign to fund our project, but we decided that we wanted to do it on our own. This financial limitation gave us the opportunity to build a library of completed scripts that we will use to keep this website fresh with new material. I guess the bottom line is, we are simply a bunch of hard working goofs, just like you, who relish the opportunity to make you laugh. Thanks for helping us live our dreams! Your purchases, donations, and social media support, all mean the world to us!  

Geary Culver Jr - Head writer
G. Culver Sr. - Contributing writer
 Liz Smith - Contributing writer